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Hd24 connect mac

Your operating system will not recognize HD24 ADAT FST drives, and because of it, it may In Mac versions x and x, instead of clicking the hd24connect . If you have a Mac, the recommended version is betaRC6b - this will help for interoperability between the Alesis ADAT HD24 recorder and your computer. Hi all! On other machines (Windows, older mac OS) there is no problem using the FST/Connect to get my files from the HD24 to the computer.

If you're connecting through a router or LAN, you can use standard CAT5 Ethernet cables to connect the Mac and the HD24 to your router. The Alesis Fireport was an extremely popular option for transferring HD24 songs and projects to and from a computer. The Fireport's included FST Connect. To obtain the latest OS for your HD24, visit the product page and select the Docs and Note: connecting to a Macintosh uses a normal Ethernet cable. Also.

Alesis HD24 - You can edit tracks internally or easily transfer to computer via an Ethernet connection. HD24 features ADAT Optical and ADAT Sync, enabling it . FST Connect is buggy as **** anyway - even the update can still end up with corrupted files. Try HD24 Tools instead, it has way more features;. Download hd24tools for free. Provides interoperability between computer and Alesis HD24 harddisk recorder. Several OS platforms are. I enter the common IP address that i've manually entered for my laptop and the HD24 unit. I get no connection. I've tried using my user name.