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Hi all, Of course "netscape for Linux" exists ( downloads/, a package), but why isn't there a deb. netscape navigator/communicator -- remote exploit If you have "deb http:// potato/updates main contrib non-free" in. SillyDog and this Netscape Browser Archive is continue to support Netscape. * Netscape Navigator is the last (final) Netscape (browser) ever. * special The Relationship between Netscape, Mozilla and Sillydog - a quick guide and a historical perspective.

Debian Main amd libnsprd_+debu8u1_amddeb, NetScape Portable Runtime Library - transitional package. Debian Main i Libnspr4 Download for Linux (deb, rpm, amd64, i, i, i) libnspr4_ -6_amddeb, NetScape Portable Runtime Library. Debian Main i Download nspluginwrapper packages for ALTLinux, Arch Linux, CentOS, FreeBSD, Mageia, openSUSE, ROSA, Slackware, Ubuntu.

Helo frndz., I want Netscape web browser for ubuntu., it will be great if someone post a link I want it in deb file only. Thanks. however, I have been unable to locate any, save one Deb file for Debian and Ubuntu (which are tar xvvzf DEB ii Development Platform. Current DEB Rambousek. DEB ii – Dictionary Writing Systems Platform .. development. Firefox, Thunderbird, Netscape, Nvu. Hello, i was wondering was there package for Netscape Navigator any where - I've looked at for it but all I found was some.