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Sky queue paused

My sky+ box keeps giving a message stating “Download queue is currently paused. i go into the planner and delete the paused download but I cannot download anything after that. If anyone else has this problem another and possibly easier way to correct this is to go to the planner. Hello everyone has anyone had there downloads paused I don't know how to un pause the downloads Can someone help please Every time I. Sky Q won't download. different program to download it goes straight back to " queue paused". You can send a PM to Sky Ireland: Reps.

Only share personal information in private messages. Sky UK . it says download queue is currently paused Re-start the download in your. I queued up a couple shows and theyre just sitting in the queue. The first one is paused. If I unpause it, the icon turns into the 'downloading'. Right-click on the line corresponding to paused download and click on Resume. Reason to pause automatically a download may be a brief.

The following is a guide for anyone that owns a SKY+HD box who would like . to call SKY and wait in a call queue as you can resolve this problem yourself. .. You cannot use the Sky+ features such as live pause, recording. Confused as to what the options in Sky Go are about? Read this Once paused, the next inactive download in your queue will start automatically. The Pause all. I have 3 apps in the download queue and the pause button is grayed out with no way to cancel. It's been this way for a few days and they seem. Use the Left or Right arrows on your Sky remote to scroll across to the tile labelled “Sky+ Rebuild”. Press the Select button on your Sky remote to select the Sky+ Rebuild option. The following warning will be displayed on screen: "This will take a few minutes to complete.