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Don starve save game

Saving is an option available to the player and an integral mechanic of Don't Starve. The player can save and quit during any part of the game, and it will also . Don't Starve uses the permadeath system commonly seen in traditional rogue- likes such as nethack - when your character dies, the save is. hey guys! iam really interested in games like this. the macanics seams great and love the grafic style. But i hate games where u not abbel to.

Hey guys! Is there a way or mod to save my world after I die on don't starve, because I really love the game but I hate it when I die and loose my. No save games. Questions: #1) Is there any way to get my save files back? #2) Is there any reason to play Don't Starve if you can randomly lose. "Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\client_save"? That doesn't really help me , just leads into another string of folders. I want a save file for.

Hello!I see the Import Feature in the Main Menu, but i don't now where the save games are saved. I want to play my old world on a another PC. Save for Don't Starve. Post Views: Don't Starve. Savegame for Don't Starve – The game done %. Installation: Copy files from archive to. I have no idea! P.S. I also don't know how to copy the save file from Don't Starve so if you say its just like Don't Starve, I wont know what.