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Yoho database

Philadelphia: Linguistic Data Consortium, The YOHO database contains a large scale, high-quality speech corpus to support text-dependent speaker authentication research, such as is used in secure access technology. Note that certain changes have been made to the corpus. First we will describe the speaker database and the HMM topologies. 1 Database description The database is the YOHO Speaker Verification Corpus. Abstract: A standard database for testing voice verification systems, called YOHO, is now available from the Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC). The purpose of.

SPIDRE Speaker Identification Corpus; YOHO Speaker Verification CELEX Lexical Database; COMLEX: COMmon LEXical Database of. I need YOHO database for speech synthesis. From where i can get freely this databse or any other free downloaded speech databse of. MATLAB Audio Database Toolbox enables easy access and filtering of audio databases such as TIMIT and YOHO by their metadata. The database toolbox.

of this database are: English spoken by non-native database, ELSDSR for speaker recognition is introduced in the TIMIT, Polycost, and YOHO databases. N4 NATO Native and Non-Native Speech, military-oriented database for YOHO , Speaker Verification Corpus Readme ยท Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC).