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Fragrant heart

New audio meditations created by Elisabeth are regularly added to this page. Don't miss when they come out - Subscribe to the Newsletter. A large collection of free audio guided meditations for anyone wishing to learn how to meditate or enjoy the benefits of meditation. Relaxation accelerates your body's recovery. Through guided visualization you can take control of your own healing process.

A guided meditation to help you gently move into a zone of peace and calm in preparation for sleep. In this guided meditation you will be able to use the very technique that brings people great success in unfolding their dreams. This is a practice you can use whenever you are feeling anxious. It will assist you in restoring calmness and tranquility to your whole body, leaving you relaxed.

This meditation focuses on filling your being with radiant, healing light. This guided visualization is the first of a three part series to support you, and help you to reduce high blood pressure. This guided visualization will help you to relax, to clear away cluttered thoughts, and to drift into deep and peaceful sleep. An uplifting meditation to listen to anytime you'd like to quickly access a zone of peacefulness.