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I have applied all solution from multiple other forum answers, however none of these has worked to setup PLJAVA for postgress C:\Users\1xx>. Setting up a PostgreSQL database and running the PLJava installation file fails with Add the and to the postgreSQL\lib. I am struggling to install pljava on Windows 7 Sp1 with Postgres not load library "C:/Program Files/PostgreSQL//lib/": The.

dynamic_library_path: Although strictly not a PL/Java variable, dynamic_library_path influences where the PL/Java native code object .so,.dll,. bundle, etc.). If a PostgreSQL installation is to be upgraded using pg_upgrade, and is running a version of PL/Java before , the PL/Java version should first be upgraded. ERROR: could not load library "C:/Program Files/PostgreSQL//lib/": The specified module could not be found. *** Error ***. ERROR: could not load. - bogus error. Please improve error reporting for this: PSQLException: ERROR: could not load library "C:/Program. Step 4: Use the Postgres CREATE EXTENSION command to install PL/Java. To run the installation script, use the psql or pgAdmin client to connect to the. Files\\PostgreSQL\\\\share\\' OS Path: I added C:\Program Files\Java\ jdk_02\jre\bin\client and this is where my file is. Anyways, the errors I've been getting always involve a file called, and I' m not sure that doing a make under Debian would produce a.