Why cant i soulseek download

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Why cant i soulseek

If you're using Soulseek client version , please be aware that the server it connects to is no longer online, as it was almost completely empty. However a few days later, I moved my internet service to a new residence, and now I cannot connect properly. Port forwarding seems to be. Yesterday and today I tried to open the SoulseekQt program from my computer ( using Windows 10). It used to work always till a month ago.

To browse a user's files, you need to be able to form a network (TCP) connection to that user, and not every two users on Soulseek can connect. The official "Can't Connect to Soulseek" thread. Submitted by Nir on Tue, 09/25/ - Hey guys, sorry for not responding to any connection problem. I am tired of people that don't share files. Why isn't there an auto-ban feature? There are a good number of reasons why people do not share files. First and.

I play the classical guitar and I don't know what I would do without this. I can't find half the music I download available to buy. Thanks for making. I just signed up to soulseek. to login I need a password, although it wont let me change it to a password I know as it asks for the current one. It's hard to say for sure, but if you're not getting any search results then yeah, there's a good chance your ISP is interfering with Soulseek traffic. I recently changed my macbook username to something else, and I noticed my files weren't landing in my users/username/Soulseek.