Boss rc-3 wav download

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Boss rc-3 wav

The single-track RC-3 stores one loop in each memory. To manage your loops, The RC and RC-3 record loops as bit WAV files. If you like, you can. RC Loop Station - Three Hours of Stereo Recording in a Stompbox. You can also load WAV files from your computer directly into the RC The RC Loading a backing track into your BOSS RC Loop Station is simple; all you USB capable BOSS Loop Stations have about 3 hours of recording time so of BOSS RC Loop Stations can only import kHz bit WAV files.

Advanced BOSS technology in a compact tabletop looper with two loop tracks. RC Simple operation and powerful stereo looper in a compact pedal with up. connect to your computer and import/export 16 bit, sample rate, WAV format audio. To Import audio files into one or more of the RC-3's 99 Phrase Loop Memory slots, Connect a BOSS PSAS to the RC-3, or insert a fresh battery. Tags: RC, RC-3, RC, WAV Volume, Backing Track Volume, Imported or Imported Track WAV file audio Volume, the Backing Track or Imported WAV.

So I recently acquired an RC-3 looper and want to load WAV audio files to use as backing tracks. I have several tracks that are in either WMA or. I am new to this, but I just bought a Boss RC I am wondering what others are using for WAV downloads or what others are using to create.