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Dd-wrt unifi

[edit] Introduction. It is extremely important to follow the guidelines for your specific router. Please see Installation for more information. I'm thinking of moving my home from my current setup - a DD-WRT router, two random APs - to a Ubiquiti setup. I have an asterisk-based pbx. Need some help to configure my TP-Link (WRND) to work with Unifi after flashing it with DD-WRT. I don't need the IPTV, because I don't.

Monkeying around with Ubiquiti took a long time and is now super stable. Monkeying around with DD-WRT was a time sink that never ended. Thanks to LYN member Rizvanrp for the first DD-WRT VLAN tagging guide for UniFi internet connection!! Initial guide was posted on his site. Who don't hate the crappy bundled router by TM? This guide shows how to get Unifi and HyppTV on DD-WRT router.

Since r this device is supported in trunk and in future stable release. includes this AP as stable. Barrier Breaker I have a Netgear R running Kong's DD-WRT. It's been setup for about a year and is generally ok. Prior to that, I used DD-WRT on a D-link. The TM provided DIR (the orange router) with custom DD-WRT firmware. The primary goal of this guide will basically be to guide users. DD-WRT activation for Ubiquiti products If you have Ubiquiti CPE like Routerstation, Nanostation, Powerstation, Bullet or Litestation and you would like to power.