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Delphi nmftp

Okay, I need to ftp a file inside of a procedure. Here's what I have (I also have NMFTP in uses and nmftp1:TNMFTP; in var). Plese help me I tried to list directories with NMFTP comonent in D5 and after connecting and dirChang I call this procedure but variable. Help using NMFTP component. i'am using . you should use a perl script mirror the script ftp's and syncronizes automatically. ther is a perl component for delphi.

I'm looking to upload files to my website from within my Delphi Application and I have played around with the NMFTP component in Delphi 5. I notice that when I use NMFTP I can receive notification of a successful upload and download ONCE in a session. If I FTP upload I recieve. Hi all I need some advise, code examples for changing NMFTP to idFTP (with SSL). I "adopted" an old app from a former colleague and I haven't worked with.

Hello Folks! I used the NMftp anf NMsmtp components (supplied with Delphi 6) in my code. Now I have upgraded to Delphi 7 and I see that these component are. Component nmftp for delphi Free Download,Component nmftp for delphi Software Collection Download. I´ve been having some problems doing an upload with NMFTP (it works over a . I´m trying do make these tests with the demo that comes with delphi NMFTP. [ DelphiLand FAQ ] [ Delphi Tutorials -- by DelphiLand ]. Posted by Chris on December 19, at Hi,. I am trying to connect to.