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Tears to tiara eroge

, 18+, Tears to Tiara - First Press Limited Edition, Fully voiced Story: No animations Ero: No animations Non-free Commercial x 1 DVD. A few weeks back Dakkodango released an English patch for the 18+ PC version of Tears to Tiara; perfect timing for the upcoming anime. So I downloaded the game, mounted it, I'm in Japanese local, downloaded and installed the patch. It creates a desktop icon with the English.

i´ve loaded the 12 rar-datas of "Tears 2 Tiara" and the patch of the english version on my computer. I installed both. the game runs - even in. For Tears to Tiara: Kakan no Daichi on the PlayStation 3, The Japanese dont' use H-game lol they use Eroge if you go to japan and ask. An RTS eroge? WORDS DO NOT EXPRESS MY JOY. 4as · 5 POSTED: 15 December am. "An excellent game all things considered".

[Others] [Completed] Tears To Tiara [Leaf] . Now all I need is Tears to Tiara 2 and i'll be all set. Van95 . DIDNT KNOW IT WAS AN EROGE.